PiloDist 104 & 105 High Precision Distillation Systems

Pilodist 104 and 105 systems with high separation precision (90 theoretical plates) are offered with 2 different column options (concentric-tube-column & wire gauze trickling column) depending on your needs.

  1. معلومات عامة

    These systems, which are developed for the separation processes of essential oil, aroma, fatty acids and similar, offer up to 6 different fractions. The system does not require any user intervention during the analysis except for determining the desired parameters for the analysis. Sample temperature, steam temperature, distillation rate, vacuum value etc. The parameters are controlled by the device control unit and simultaneously monitored on the computer screen. After the analysis, the process is completed by reporting all distillation values.

  2. Technical Info
    Evaporator surface200 cm2 (short-path)
    Operating temperaturemax. 250°C
    Vacuum0.001 – 1000 mbar
    Collecting speed50 – 1000 ml / sa
    Evaporator materialborosilicate glass
    Feeding container size250 ml
    Collection container volumes250 ml
    Power208 – 250 V, 50 Hz
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