PT TeknoKlop’s Visit to Biolab

We’ve been visited by our partners PT TeknoKlop Indonesia for sales and service training on our production line of Automatic Kinematic Viscometers, RPVOT Oxidation Stability Anayzers and other products. Special thanks to Mr. Avief Nurrokhim Maryono and Mr. Syaikhoniabdur Rokhman for taking the chance to dive deep into our product portfolio, understanding the unique selling points, technical specifications and hands-on applications of our analyzers.

It’s always a momentous occasion when two scientific powerhouses converge to enhance mutual knowledge, develop skills, and foster closer relationships. As we believe in the transformative power of collaboration and continuous learning, PT Teknoklop’s visit will help us both to drive scientific exploration forward, reaffirming our dedication to the pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction.

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