Details Automatic Kinematic Viscometer Viscol-10 Series Fully automated viscometer for oil, fuel,
bitumen, polymer and other applications
Details Used Oil Analysis Systems MiniLab Series Oil and machine condition detection and
trend tracking systems for predictive
and preventive maintenance operations
Details FTIR Fuel Analyzer MiniScan IR Vision High speed and compact fuel analyzer
for measurements of gasoline, jet
and diesel fuels
Details Multi-elemental Analysis Systems X-Ray Fluorescence Detailed elemental analysis for solid
and liquid samples
Details Oil & Grease Detection Systems Infracal 2 Fast and accurate
Total Oil & Grease and TPH analyzers
Detaıls Sulfur Analysis System Petra 4294 Total sulfur + 12 elements analysis
systems for petroleum products
Details Vacuum Distillation System Petrodist 300 Full automatic atmospheric and
vacuum distillation systems
up to 565°C
Used Oil

Machine & Oil Condition Control & Trending Systems

Gas Chromotography

With various column and sensor options gas chromotograpy systems for different types of applications


GC Columns, sample cups, reference standards, chemicals, etc.



Our production line of kinematic viscometers, oxidation stability analyzers, evaporators, etc.



Automatic Kinematic Viscometer


With different models for oil/fuel, polymer, bitumen, paper/pulp etc. Viscol-10 Series is developed for the determination of kinematic viscosity of newtonian fluids at wide temperature range. All the operations as measurement, viscometer cleaning, calibration etc. are handled by the instrument automatically.



Automate sampling, measurement and wash processes to increase operator efficiency.

Shorten analysis cycles to increase analysis amount.

Lower your solvent consumption by full automatic washing and drying operations.

Minimize the time and the amount of reference chemicals by automatic calibration options.

Eliminate requirement for the tube replacements with wide-range viscometer tubes.

Overcome the deviation between different operators and any errors.

Apply measurements within wide temperature range by built-in heating and cooling components.

Keep all analysis data in device database and transfer to USB or PC at anytime.

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