SL5 Solid-Liquid Extractor Installation

We’ve completed Piloex SL5 Extractor Unit installation for continous flow, prediodic flooding (Soxhlet), Cold solvent and hot solvent solid-liquid extraction applications.  


Turkchem ChemLab Eurasia 2022

We’ll be exhibiting at Turkchem ChemLab Eurasia, International Laboratory, Technology, Test & Measurement Equipment, Auxiliary and Consumables Fair. Visit our booth for live demonstration of our analyzers and to learn from our specialists.

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Viscol-10A and Viscol 10J Kinematic Viscometer Installation

We’ve completed Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer and Viscol-10J Cold Temperature Viscometer installations and trainings for total coverage of kinematic viscosity measurements from -30°C to 120°C. While Viscol-10A (on the left) is ideal for measurements up to 120C, Viscol-10J (on the right) offers sub-zero celcius viscosity measurements which is crucial for jet fuels and similar products. […]


Spectroil-M RDE-OES Installation

Another Spectroil M Elemental Analyzer installation and trainings are completed. Providing fast and accurate results according to ASTM D6595 standard, Spectroil will serve to get quick and certain view of aircraft situation at site. Spectroil Elemental Analyzers deliver an early warning of abnormal wear and provides elemental information to determine the source of the problem […]


Kinematic Viscometer For Pyrolysis Oil Analysis

Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer installation and trainings are completed for pyrolysis oil quality control analysis. Being derived from the waste tires, kinematic viscosity values of the tire pyrolysis oil (TPO) samples will be measured full automatically by Viscol-10A System according to ASTM D445 and other relevant standards.  


Microlab 40 All-In-One Oil Analyzer Installation

MicroLab 40 All-in-One Lubricant Analysis System is installed and set to go for in-service oil analysis to check lubricant quality and potential equipment failure for predictive and preventive maintenance operations. MicroLab 40 provides Elemental Analysis (Wear metals, additive levels), Contamination Detection (particle count, soot, glycol, dirt, water), Oil Chemistry (total Base Number, oxidation, nitration) and […]


Pasol Oxidation Stability Analyzer Installation

We’ve completed installation and trainings of Pasol-10 Oxidation Stability Analyzer for ASTM D2272 oxidation tests and Vapol Universal Evaporator for Karl Fischer titration analysis. From oxygen purge to the end of the analysis, fully automated Pasol-10 Device, offers unattended operation of ASTM D2272 and D4742 oxidation analysis for fresh and in-service oil samples as well […]


LaserNet Wear Debris Analyzer For Turkish Aerospace

We’ve successfully completed the installation and trainings of Lasernet Fines Wear Debris Analyzer for oil cleanliness and machinery condition monitoring according to ISO 4406, NAS 1638 (National Aerospace Standards), NAVAIR 01-1A-17, SAE AS 4059, GOST, ASTM D6786 and HAL standards in single run. By direct imaging the particles in in-service oil samples, LaserNet Fines provides […]


Automatic Kinematic Viscometer Installation For Transformer Oil Measurements

We’ve completed installation and trainings of Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer for fresh and in-service transformer oil measurements at 40°C and 100°C. Autosampler embedded this fully automated viscometer offers  ASTM D445 and ISO 3104 compliant nonstop kinematic viscosity measurements by carrying automatic cleaning cycles after each sample.    


PetraMax Petroleum Elemental Analyzer Installation

Another PetraMax EDXRF Multi-elemental Petroleum Analyzer installation and trainings are successfully completed. PetraMax offers ASTM D4294 compliant sulfur analysis in petroleum products in addition to 12 elements from P to Zn, for rapid monitoring of critical elements as Ca, Fe, K, Ni, and V at sub-ppm levels in single run.