Spectroil M Elemental Analyzer Installation

SpectrOil-M (RDE-OES), is successfully set and ready to go for rapid and reliable elemental analysis of in service oils to keep high value assets ready to go at anytime

Chlorine Analzer For Petroleum Products

Clora Chlorine Analyzer is successfully installed and set to go for chlorine detection in petroleum products from 0.13 ppm to 4% according to ASTM D7536 and D4929. Powered by monochromatic wavelength dispersive xrf (MWDXRF) technology, measurements with Clora does not require gasses or high temperature processes equating to easy operation and minimum maintenance requirements.

SpectrOil M Installation For Ground Forces

Another SpectrOil M, the only JOAP approved in service oilanalysis spectrometer, is successfully set and ready to provide immediate results for predictivemaintenance operations.

Reactor System for Nano Research

Special automatic reactor system for research and development of aircraft coatings is designed, developed, tested and delivered with our high quality approach.

Best Particle Counter For Reliability

The LNF (LaserNetFines™ ), the world’s best particle counter for lubrication oils, is successfully set and ready to go for advanced monitoring of machine condition by measuring particle counts and codes, abnormal wear imaging, classification and ferrous wear measurements in single run.

SpectrOil M/N-W Elemental Analyzer Installation

T129 ATAK NATO-interoperable Multirole Combat Helicopters has been secured with SpectrOil M/N-W, #oilanalysis spectrometer for rapid and reliable elemental analysis of in-service oils to keep armed forces ready to move at anytime.

Automatic Kinematic Viscometer For Tubitak

We’re honored to see that Viscol-10 Series Automatic Kinematic Viscometer becomes the choice of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey for analysis of fuel and oil properties.

Density Meter Installation

DDM2911 Laboratory Density Meter is succesfully set to go for highest level #density measurements with accuracy up to 0.00005 g/cm3.

Biolab TDM, Our New R&D Center

We’re proud to expand our operations with our new R&D facility, Biolab Technology Development Center, which we’ve dreamed since the first day of our operations. Located in one of the largest industrial zones of Turkey, Biolab TDM will focus on research, development and production of analysis instruments according to industrial demands. We’d be happy to […]

SpectrOil M/N-W Installation For Ground Forces

SpectrOil M/N-W, the only approved in service #oilanalysis spectrometer by the Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Oil Analysis Program, is successfully set and ready to perform rapid and reliable elemental analysis of in service oils for the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines to keep high value assets ready to be deployed at anytime.