Spectroil Elemental Analyzer Installation For Lubricants

Spectroil 100 Series Elemental Analyzer is successfully installed and set to go for power plant’s predictive maintenance operations. Spectroil offers fast (1 min) and accurate results according to ASTM D6595 without the requirement for any sample preparation. Spectroil Elemental Analyzers deliver an early warning of abnormal wear and provides elemental information to determine the source […]

Chlorine Analyzer Installation For Petroleum Fractions

We’ve successfully completed installation and user trainings of Clora Chlorine Analyzer for total chlorine level detection in petroleum fractions down to 0.07 ppm according to ASTM D4929 and ASTM D7536 standard test methods. Clora Analyzers are powered with monochromatic wavelength dispersion x-ray fluorescence (MWDXRF) technology which does not require gasses or high temperature process. With […]

Kinematic Viscometer Installation For In-Service Oil Analysis

With remote support of our service team we’ve successfully completed Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer Installation for fresh and in-service oil kinematic viscosity measurements according to ASTM D445 and all related standards.

Ducom Instruments Regional Distributor

We’re excited to start partnership with Ducom Instruments for general and lubricant tribology analysis systems including  Four Ball Tester, High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) and various types of automated tribology testing instruments. As being only authorized distributor for sales and after sales operations within Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan, we’ll deliver Ducom Instruments’ rugged, innovative and […]

Petra 4294 Sulfur Analysis System Installation

We’ve successfully completed another Petra 4294 Sulfur Analysis System installation for sulfur detection of various hydrocarbons down to 2.6 ppm according to ASTM D4294, ISO 8754 and IP 336 standards. Petra analyzers are also offered as PetraMax System which delivers ASTM D4294 sulfur analysis in addition to 12 elements from P to Zn, for rapid […]

Viscol-10A Installation For Petrochemicals

With online support of our service team we’ve successfully completed the installation and user trainings of Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer for different range of petrochemical samples. Installed with a 175 Fold capillary viscometer, the device will serve measurements with wide range kinematic viscosities according to ASTM D445 / D446 standards full automatically.  

FP Vision Flash Point Analyzer Installation

MiniFlash FP Vision Flash Point Analyzer is successfully set and ready to go for the analysis of various types of chemical, oils and powder samples according to ASTM D6450, ASTM D7094, D975, D396, D2880 and D3699 standards from -25°C to 400°C. This analyzer uses a unique energy-controlled electric arc and measures instantaneous pressure increase inside […]

Kinematic Viscometer For Power Station

Thanks to Pioneer Int. from Pakistan for this beautiful installation of Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer to the country’s largest power generation utility for the measurements of lubricants and turbine fuels according to ASTM D445 without any hassle.

Viscol-10A Kinematic Viscometer Installation For Lubricants

We’ve successfully completed the Viscol-10A Kinematic Viscometer installation for r&d and quality control applications of lubricants according to ASTM D445, ISO 3104 and other related standards. With this fully automized kinematic viscometer, sample amount, solvent usage, time loss and deviation between tests are minimized for our customer.  

Grabner Instruments Regional Distributor

We continue our sales and service operations for AMETEK Grabner Instruments‘ bench-top and on-line analyzers for detection of vapor pressure, flash point, IR fuel parameters and atmospheric distillation. As being authorized distributor for sales and after sales operations within Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan, we deliver AMETEK Grabner’s innovative, fully automated, portable, rugged fuel and oil […]