Bitumen Viscometer Installation

Viscol-10 Series Automatic Kinematic Viscometer is set for ASTM D445 and D2170 asphalt, bitumen and heavy oil viscosity analysis up to 170°C.


Crude Oil Analyzers Installation

Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic D445 viscosity VPVision vapor pressure and Clora total chlorine analyzers are successfully set for crude oil research applications.


Viscol-10P Polymer Viscometer Installation

Viscol-10P Automatic Viscometer is set for full automatic measurements of relative, specific, reduced, inherent and intrinsic viscosity values of polymer samples from -10°C to 140°C.


MicroLab Combined Oil Analysis System Installation

MicroLab all-in-one lubricant analysis system for comprehensive on-site analysis is set to check any potential equipment failure, degradation and contamination to enable immediate decision making. MicroLab offers completely automated oil analysis, cleaning and reporting, all with a push of a button.


Fuel Analysis Systems Installation

We have finalized the installation and user trainings of vapor pressure (VP Vision), sulfur content (PetraMax) and kinematic viscosity (Viscol-10a) instruments for analysis of petroleum products from crude oil to light-ends.  


Predictive Maintenance Conference

We’d like to thank to all for sharing interest about the importance of on-site #oilanalysis for proactive and #predictivemaintenance operations.


ASTM D445 Viscometer Installation

Viscol-10a Full Automatic Kinematic Viscometer is set to go for wide range ASTM D445 kinematic #viscosity measurements of fresh and used oil samples. #oilanalysis


Universal Evaporator Installation

Our Universal Evaporator is on action for water content detection of hard-to-dissolve oil samples or products containing interfering compounds that can not be introduced to the cell for Karl Fischer #titration according to ASTM D6304.