IR Vision Pro Installation For Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel Measurements

We’ve succeffully completed installation and training of MiniScan IR Vision PRO Fuel Analyzer for quick and comprehensive measurements of diesel, gasoline and jet fuel samples. MiniScan IR Vision PRO measures more than 100 fuel parameters and components for blending, quality and compliance controls with fuel specifications directly at site without any hassle.

Standards: ASTM D1655, D5845, D6277, D7777, D7806, E1655; EN 238, EN 14078; ISO 15212;

Vision Series Analyzers

Miniscan IR Vision Fuel Analyzer

High speed, compact and robust FTIR fuel analyzer for measurements of gasoline, jet and diesel fuels

MiniFlash FP Vision Flash Point Analyzer

Flash point analyzer for solid and liquid samples with maximum safety.

VP Vision Vapor Pressure Crude Oil Package

Vapor Pressure Crude Oil Package is a solution for the transport and measurement of the vapor pressure of crude oil.

Minivap VP Vision Vapor Pressure Analyzer

Vapor pressure measurements of gasoline, jet fuel, crude oil, LPG and solvents with an extended pressure range of 0-2000 kPa.

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