Kinematic Viscometer for Refined Oil Measurements

We’ve completed another Viscol-10A Kinematic Viscometer installation for full automatic viscosity analysis according to ASTM D445 and ISO 3104 standards. To be used for refined base oil measurements, this automatic kinematic viscometer will simplify viscosity measurements for the user with advanced automation features and user-friendly interface.

Refined oils play a vital role in various industries, from automotive lubricants to food processing. The viscosity of these oils directly impacts their performance and functionality. With the increasing demand for quality control and performance optimization, it is crucial to have accurate viscosity data for refined oils. Viscol Series Automatic Kinematic Viscometer offer a reliable solution that enables industries to measure viscosity with exceptional precision, ensuring optimal product performance and user satisfaction.

Why is the Viscol Series Kinematic Viscometers are the correct instrument for refined oil measurements?

1️⃣ Unparalleled Accuracy: The Viscol Kinematic Viscometer employs highest temperature sensitivity and proven scientific principles to measure the flow characteristics of refined oils accurately. By precisely determining the resistance to flow under controlled conditions, it provides reliable viscosity data that helps maintain consistent product quality.

2️⃣ Wide Viscosity Range: Refined oils exhibit a wide range of viscosities, from low-viscosity lubricants to high-viscosity gear oils. The Viscol Kinematic Viscometer offers the highest flexibility in measuring viscosity across this range (Up to 225 Fold), accommodating the diverse needs of various industries.

3️⃣ Easy Sample Handling: With user-friendly design and automated features, the Viscol Kinematic Viscometer simplifies the process of sample handling. It enables efficient and quick measurements, reducing manual intervention and saving valuable time for oil analysis.

4️⃣ Compliance with Industry Standards: The Viscol Kinematic Viscometer adheres to international standards and regulations, ensuring compatibility with industry requirements. This enables users to meet quality assurance guidelines, achieve consistency in product performance, and maintain compliance with industry benchmarks.

5️⃣ Data Integrity and Traceability: The KViscol inematic Viscometer is equipped with advanced data logging capabilities, ensuring data integrity and traceability. This feature allows for comprehensive record-keeping, quality control analysis, and easy retrieval of viscosity data for future reference.

We understand the significance of viscosity analysis in refined oils. Our state-of-the-art Automatic Kinematic Viscometers are designed to meet the specific needs of industries working with these oils. With our instruments, users can confidently measure viscosity while ensuring compliance with quality standards, and optimize the performance of your refined oil products.

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