Distillation System

1120CC Coolant Distillation System

Coolant and brake fluids distillation system

PD104 High Precision Distillation System

Fractional distillation system with highest separation precision (up to 90 theoretical plates)

SP200 Thin Film Evaporator

Thin-film evaporator with thermostat mantle and internal condenser for continuous short-path distillation

SP500 Short-Path Evaporator

Short Path Evaporator System for the separation tests of products with high temperature sensitivity by short-path method

PD200 Potstill (D5236) Distillation System

Automatic fractional distillation of heavy hydrocarbon mixtures acc. to ASTM D5236 by vacuum potstill method

PD300 (D1160) Vacuum Distillation System

Automatic distillation system for atmospheric and vacuum distillation processes in accordance with ASTM D1160

PD100 TBP Crude Oil Distillation System

Crude oil distillation system with fractional collection in accordance with ASTM D2892

PetroDist 300M

Manual boiling analysis system according to ASTM D-1160.

PetroDist 300 S Semi Automatic

The popular PETRODIST 300 S, being a semi-automatic boiling analysis for crude oil according to ASTM D1160.

PD350CC Automatic D1160 Fractional Distillation System

Designed according to ASTM D1160 but with automatic fraction collecting system

PD400S Semi-Automatic Combined Distillation System

Crude oil distillation system for semi-automatic operation according to ASTM D-2892 (TBP) & ASTM D-5236 (Potstill)

PD 400 Combined Distilation System

Processor controlled crude oil distillation system for fully automatic operation according to ASTM D-2892 (TBP) and ASTM D-5236 (Potstill).

PD 4929S Distillation System For Naphta Cut

Automatic distillation apparatus for the sample preparation according to ASTM D4929.

MiniDis ADXpert Mini Distillation Analyzer

Compact, portable and light weight automatic mini distillation analyzer for quick and accurate analysis in laboratories and on-site.