Flash Point

MiniFlash FP Vision Flash Point Analyzer

Flash point analyzer for solid and liquid samples with maximum safety.

OL600 Pensky Martens Flash Point Analyzer

It was developed for flash point determination in fuels, lubricants and biodiesel products.

Flash Point Reference Standard Fluids

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved kinematic viscosity reference standards for calibration and verification of all type of viscometers.

OL670 Cleveland Flash Point Analyzer

Petrol ürünleri, gaz yağları, akaryakıtlar, yağlayıcılar üzerinde parlama ve yanma noktası tayin sistemi

Miniscan IR Vision Fuel Analyzer

High speed, compact and robust FTIR fuel analyzer for measurements of gasoline, jet and diesel fuels

Conostan Flash Point Standards

The flash point of a material is the lowest temperature at which it gives off sufficient vapor to ignite when exposed to a flame.