General Tribology

The science of wear, friction and lubrication, and the study of how interacting surfaces and other tribo-elements behave in relative motion in natural and artificial systems.

POD 4.0 Multi Capability Tribometer

The modular POD-4.0 is a tribometer with many capabilities.

Roller on Roller Tribometer

Roller on roller with pure sliding to rolling contact stress, block on roller, pin on roller and ball on roller configurations on a single platform.

VT-3.0 Vacuum Tribometer

A configurable, modular tribometer with vacuum, temperature, motion and loading options.

UniTest Universal Testing Platform

Mechanical testing, tribology or surface imaging in one platform

Water Droplet Erosion Tester

The Water Droplet Erosion (WDE) Tester offers a convenient way to simulate the effects of erosion caused by water droplets in a compact and convenient tester


The BioTribometer is the perfect way to prescreen your materials before they are tested on a joint simulator, saving time and money.


A Solid Particle Erosion (SPE) Tester that is capable of conducting erosions tests across a very wide range of erosion conditions.

Slurry Jet Erosion Tester

A Solid Particle Erosion (SPE) tester for testing erosion resistance when subjected to a jet of slurry.

ABT-3 Abrasion Tester

A single, compact and automatic tester to bring complete three body abrasion testing capabilities to your lab.