Grabner Instruments

Minivap VP Vision Vapor Pressure Analyzer

Vapor pressure measurements of gasoline, jet fuel, crude oil, LPG and solvents with an extended pressure range of 0-2000 kPa.

VP Vision Vapor Pressure Crude Oil Package

Vapor Pressure Crude Oil Package is a solution for the transport and measurement of the vapor pressure of crude oil.

MiniVap On-Line RVP Analyzer

On-Line vapor pressure (RVP, TVP and vapor/liquid ratio) analysis according to all major industry standards.

MiniFlash FP Vision Flash Point Analyzer

Flash point analyzer for solid and liquid samples with maximum safety.

Miniscan IR Vision Fuel Analyzer

High speed, compact and robust FTIR fuel analyzer for measurements of gasoline, jet and diesel fuels

MiniDis ADXpert Mini Distillation Analyzer

Compact, portable and light weight automatic mini distillation analyzer for quick and accurate analysis in laboratories and on-site.

MiniTest FFK Grease Analyzer

Grease analyzer for flow-pressure properties of lubricating grease at low temperatures down to -50°C by means of the Kesternich test.