1120CC Coolant Distillation System

Coolant and brake fluids distillation system

  1. General Details

    The system is designed for fully-automatic operation conforming to ASTM-D1120 to determine very precise and reproduceable the boiling point of engine coolants and brake fluids.

    A complete test can be done in approx. 8-15 minutes. An indelible print out with all results is peformed automatically and additionally a PDF-file can be created for network connectivity.

    PILODIST 1120 CC can be operated in different measuring modes to be selected via an integrated touchpanel. All parameters are indicated during the measuring process as well as the results.

  2. Standards
    • ASTM D1120 – Reflux Boiling Point
    • SAE-J1704 Equilibrium Reflux Boiling Point
    • Wet Boiling Point (En az %3.7 su/nem içeren fren hidrolik sıvıları)
    • Chemical Stability
    • HIGH Temperature Stability
    • ISO 4925 – Specification of non-petroleum-base brake fluids for hydraulic systems
    • FMVSS 116 – Laboratory Test Procedure For Motor Vehicle Brake Fluids
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