Crystallux 4000M7 GC-MS System

GC-MS system for food, ecology, chemical industry, medicine, forensics, oil and gas processing industries

  1. General Details

    The GC-MS system based on the Crystallux-4000M chromatograph and the M7 mass spectrometer, developed jointly with Persee, is a reliable and accurate system that is suitable for mass routine analysis and accurate research. GC-MS is widely used in the field of food analysis, ecology, chemical industry, oil and gas processing, medicine, forensic science in other areas.

    Convenient Design

    • Presence of the observation window and the indicator panel
    • Modular design
    • Lateral vacuum chamber design simplifies system maintenance

    Reliable Structure

    • Double filament reduces service frequency
    • The special design of the surface repulsion electrode and lenses greatly improves the focusing of ions
    • The presence of pre-quadrupoles allows to reduce the pollution of the main quadrupole
    • Molybdenum alloy quadrupole
    • Compact amplifier with a combined conversion technology effectively reduces noise and improves the signal-to-noise ratio


    • The software is intuitive and easy to use even for users without special training
    • With the remote access feature, our experts will help you manage the tool and analyze data


  2. Technical Info
    Type of ionizationEI
    TransferlineCapillary interface, independent temperature control, 50-300 °C
    FilamentDual, maximum current 300 µA
    Ionization energy10-100 eV, regulated
    Ion source temperatureIon source temperature 350 °C, adjustable
    Auxiliary pumpMechanical pump, geometric pumping speed 165 l / min
    Turbomolecular pumpTurbomolecular pump, pumping speed 71l / s, 260 l / s (optional)
    Linear range106
    Mass range1,5-1050 amu
    Mass accuracy± 0,1 amu
    Resolution (R)1pg OFN with full scan – ≥500: 1 RMS with m / z 272 100 fg OFN with selective ion scanning – ≥150: 1 RMS with m / z 272
    M/z stability± 0,1 amu/48h
    Maximum scan speed11000 amu/s
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