AR5 Refractometer System

Refractive index determination system with 0.00002 RI and 0.02% Brix sensitivity

  1. General Details

    AR5 Refractometer System, which is suitable for use in different environmental conditions, was developed to obtain the most stable results with YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet), the strongest prism ever developed. With the internal Peltier control, analyzes are carried out with an accuracy of 0.03°C.

  2. Technical Info
    Analysis scaleRefractive index (RI), %Brix ve other standard ranges, user standards
    Measuring range1.32000 – 1.70000 RI / 0 to 100% Brix
    Stability± 0.00002 RI / ± 0.02% Brix
    Analysis methodOne sample or Flow-Cell
    Ambient conditions+10 to +40°C
    Temperature control5°C to – 100°C Peltier control range
    Temperature stability± 0.02°C
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