Viscol-10J Automatic Cold Temperature Viscometer

Full automatic wide range kinematic viscometer for sub-zero measurements

  1. General Details

    Viscol-10J Automatic Cold Temperature Viscometer, equipped with the latest temperature control, detector, chronometer and washing features for low temperature kinematic viscosity measurements. With different models for oil/fuel, polymer, bitumen, paper/pulp etc. Viscol-10 Series Kinematic Viscometers are developed for the determination of kinematic viscosity of newtonian fluids at wide temperature and viscosity range.

    All the operations as kinematic viscosity measurement, viscometer cleaning, calibration etc. are handled by the instrument automatically. Viscol-10J Cold Temperature Viscometer provides the most reliable sub-zero viscosity results for research, development and quality control practices without any user intervention.

    • Fully compliant kinematic viscosity measurements with ASTM D445 and all related standards
    • Temperature range from -50°C to 120 °C
    • Wide range (125 Fold) viscometer tubes
    • Viscosity detection from 0,5 cSt to 25.000 cSt
    • Full automatic operation
    • Dual solvent usage as a standard
    • Automatic cleaning with low solvent consumption
    • Easy tube change
    • Full control from Windows based touch panel PC
    • Low bath oil and over temperature warnings
    • Small footprint

    Areas of Use
    • Mineral and base oils
    • Jet Fuels
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Transformer Oils
    • Turbine Oils
    • Solvents

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  2. Techical Info
    Measurement range
    0.5 cSt – 25000 cSt
    Viscometer type
    Temperature range
    -30°C to 120 °C
    Temperature precision
    0.001 °C
    Time detection precision
    0.001 s
    Sample volume
    10-15 mL
    Data transfer
    USB & PC
    40 Kg
    30 x 50 x 80 cm
    Power requirement
    220 VAC – 50 Hz
  3. Methods & Standards
    • ASTM D445
    • ASTM D446
    • ISO 3104
    • ISO 3105
    • IP 71
    • ASTM D1655
    • ASTM D2532
    • DEF STAN 91:91
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