CoolCheck Antifreeze and Diesel Exhaust Fluid Analysis System

Soğutma sıvıları ve dizel egzoz sıvısı analizleri için otomatik analiz sistemi

  1. General Details

    Cooling water analysis prevents possible engine corrosion, rust, antifreeze mixture with oil, overheating, engine freezing and similar malfunctions. With CoolCheck, NIR and UV technologies, it enables the analysis of cooling fluids and diesel exhaust fluids to be carried out quickly and easily without the need for any user intervention.

    Data Obtained on Cooling Fluids with CoolCheck

    • Coolant Type
    • Cleaning
    • Colour
    • Pollution Status
    • Boiling point
    • Freezing point
    • Glycol Content
    • Nitrite Rate

    Data Obtained on Diesel Exhaust Fluids with CoolCheck

    • % UREA
    • % DEF


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