D1142 Dew Point Tester

Water vapour content of gaseous fuels by measurement of dew point temperature.

  1. General Details

    This test method covers the determination of the water vapour content of gaseous fuels by measurement of the dew-point temperature and the calculation there from of the water vapour content.

    Dew Point Apparatus, manual instrument composed by:

    • Laboratory support painted with anti-acid products holding the instrument body made in stainless steel equipped with ¼“ regulating valve.
    • Refrigerant chamber made in copper with 2 × ¼”gas needle valve.
    • Plexiglas® Window with stainless steel regulating mirror.
    • Stainless steel manometer ∅ 60 mm, scale 0 – 160 bar.
    • Thermometer housing in aluminium.
    • User manual making part of scope of supply.
  2. Standards
    • ASTM D1142
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