D892 Foaming Characteristics Analyzer

Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils.

  1. General Details

    D892 Foaming Characteristics Analyzer, determines the foaming characteristics of lubricating oils at 24°C and 93.5°C according to ASTM D892. Means of empirically rating the foaming tendency and the stability of the foam are described.

    • Compact structure painted with anti-acid epoxidy products with 2 double standby support for rubbers and air diffuser glass tubes.
    • 2 independent bath insulated and equipped with 2 wide double windows equipped with illuminating LED barriers.
    • 2 drain tap.
    • Air coil placed into the bath at 24°C with the output placed on the left side for the air volume control.
    • Cover with 4 holes for the accommodation of up to 4 foaming characteristics analyzer
    • Cooling coil.
    • On the front the 4 flowmeter with regulating knob grant the easy adjustment of the air flow as foreseen by the method.
    • On the base 2 digital thermoregulator with PID (one for 24°C and one for more than 93.5°C) with over-temperature alarm and probe PT100A.
    • Heating supplied by stainless steel heater.
    • Main switch , 2 safety thermostat for overheating, 4 button to activate the 4 built in low voltage micro pump.
    • Motor stirrer.
    • Four graduated cylinders.
    • 4 diffuser stones (not certified).
    • 4 rubber stoppers, 4 air diffuser tubes.
    • Cord cable
    • User manual


  2. Standards
    • ASTM D892
    • DIN 51566
    • IP 146
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