D972 Evaporation Loss Analyzer

Evaporation loss of lubricating greases and oils

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  1. General Details

    This test covers the determination of the loss in mass by evaporation of lubricating greases and oils for applications where evaporation loss is a factor. Evaporation loss data can be obtained at any temperature in the range from 100 to 150°C (210 to 300°F).

    • Stainless steel cylindrical body with neck flange and three screw bolt for tight cover closure.
    • Double bottom with 3.17 mm orifice.
    • Stainless Steel pre-heating coil with cell connections and air inlet tube.
    • Stainless steel cover with neoprene gaskets.
    • Central air flow-off connected to a 18/8 stainless steel tube with lower threaded junction for connection with the test cup.
  2. Techical Info
  3. Standards
    • ASTM D972
    • IP 183
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