Density 5 Density Analyzer

Yüksek hassasiyette yoğunluk tayin sistemi

  1. General Details

    Density 5 includes a pre-calibrated measuring cell that can be easily removed and installed, unlike other systems on the market. In this way, maintenance costs and time loss are minimized. Density 5 system, which can be controlled simultaneously with AR refractometer and polarimeter systems, thus offers fast and simultaneous analysis.


    • On-site measuring cell replacement at the lowest cost
    • Method parameters memory
    • 1000 product and 1000 different method memories
    • Password protected user profiles
    • Easy calibration
    • Excel, text and PDF outputs
    • Return to user settings feature
    • Automatic device control
    • USB connection interface
    • Compliance with international standards


  2. Technical Info
    Measurement range0-3 g/cm3
    Temperature range5-95°C Peltier
    Pressure range0-10 Bar (0-145 psi)
    Sample volume2 ml
    Analysis time< 30 sn
    Weight10 kg
    Dimensions (WxDxH)32 x 23,5 x 22 cm
  3. Standards
    • ASTM D1250
    • ASTM D4052
    • ASTM D5002
    • ASTM D4806
    • ASTM D5931
    • ISO 12185
    • DIN 51757
    • IP 365
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