Foamer-A40 Foaming Characteristics Analyzer

Fully-automated foaming characteristics (tendency) analyzer

  1. General Details

    Foamer-A40 Foaming Characteristics Analyzer is a fully-automated foaming characteristics (tendency) analyzer according to ASTM D892, D6082, D1881, D7840 and user-defined custom methods.

    Foaming is one of the fundamental properties of a lubricating fluid. Oil life and performance can be effected by foaming which can lead to machinery malfunction. As a result, foaming tendency of a lubricant is a critical concern which may cause of high-volume pumping and ineffective lubrication in valuable assets. In other words, foaming causes improper lubrication, intense pressure in the machinery and oil loss due to overflow that are all leading to an increase in expenses and environmental pollution. Also the lubricant’s capacity to bear the load gets lower; oxidation gets higher and heat transfer property becomes inefficient.

    Measuring foaming characteristics allows to check if the lubricant has the required foaming tendency and foam stability. Foaming can be caused by detergents, anti-oxidation additives, mixing of various types of lubricating oils or by the dust or water.

    Finally, ASTM D892 includes three sequences that differ only in testing temperature. Foamer-A40 Foaming Characteristics Analyzer requires no labor during whole operation.

    • Measuring the foaming tendency and stability at 24°C (75°F) – Sequence I 
    • Measurement of foaming tendency and stability at 93.5°C (200°F) – Sequence II 
    • Measuring the same sample used in Sequence II after cooled down to 24°C. – Sequence III

    Foamer-A40 Foaming Characteristics Analyzer Features:
    • Dry air bath up to 150 C
    • Optical foam detection system (OFDS)
    • Automatic foam detection up to 1000 mL
    • Unattended operation
    • Touch Panel Windows Based PC
    • Analysis per pre-defined ASTM Methods
    • Analysis per user-defined custom methods
    • 4 Analysis Positions
    • Automatic reporting
    • USB and Ethernet Ports for data transfer
  2. Technical Info
    Monitoring & Control
    Touch Panel PC
    Test chamber
    Dry air block
    Air Regulation
    Foam Detection
    Automatic (Optical Sensors)
    ASTM and User-Defined
    Data Transfer
    USB &P C
    70 Kg
    60 x 50 x 90 cm
    Power requirement
    220 VAC – 50 Hz
  3. Standards
    • ASTM D892
    • ASTM D6082
    • ASTM D1881
    • ASTM D7840
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