Dispenser Valve for Gas Samples

Sampler for gas samples under excess pressure into the chromatograph.

  1. General Details

    Dispenser valve for gas samples is designed for input of gas under excess pressure into the chromatograph. Valves differ by the number of steps (4, 6, 8, 10, 12) and have to positions “Sampling” – “Analysis”. Besides dosing, valves can be used for switching chromatographic columns and elements of gas circuit, etc. The valve can be installed either on the side panel of chromatograph or straight into the analytical module instead of or together with chromatograph evaporator, in this case it is used as back flush valve or for hot input of the sample. The valve for hot input can be additionally supplied with heated pipelines.

    If excess pressure of analyzed gas is lacking, the valve can be supplied with a pump (aspirator) for sampling.

    Dose of any volume can be installed on the valve. Change of dose is done by operator when necessary. Dose volume is attested by producer by means of weight method. Dose volume amount is indicated on the label. The valve is supplied with a fitting that has a filter at the inlet for connection to the sampler, gas line or cylinder with calibration gas. For thickening of doses and gas mains in the valve clutches made of silicone rubber, graphite and metal are being used depending on the current task.

    Depending on current task and if the valve temperature is higher than 160 °C chromatograph can be supplied with valve dispensers of other manufacturers, including “VICI” company (Valco Instruments).

    Valco valve can be supplied with protective cover form diffusion of atmospheric air into gas mains of the valve. Cover is used during the analysis of gases with density less than 50 ppm.

    Any of the valves can be automated on customer’s request moreover automated valve can be built-in into the chromatograph or performed as a separate unit. Control of the automated valve is done by the program form chromatograph. Valve drive consists of gearmotor with position sensor located on the motor shaft.


  2. Technical Info
    • Dose volume — from 0,25 to 5,0 ml (dose volume can be increased on customer’s request up to 10 ml or reduced to 0,1 ml).
    • Max valve temperature — no more than 160 °C.
    • Valve line pressure — no more than 0,48 МPа.
    • Rotation angle of valve handle — depending on the number of steps.
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