4 Ball Test Specimen

Pack of 1000 chrome steel balls for IP 239

  1. General Details

    Pack of 1000 chrome steel balls for IP 239 – measuring 12.7 mm in diameter, made to ISO 3290-1:2008 Grade 5 and material specification ISO 683-17:1999.

    Four Ball Test Specimen premium-grade testing tool is the go-to choice for industry professionals seeking precise, consistent, and reliable results.

    The Four Ball Test Specimen is the industry benchmark for evaluating the anti-wear and extreme pressure properties of lubricants. When you’re striving for accuracy and reliability in your testing procedures, you need a specimen that won’t let you down. With our premium-grade Four Ball Test Specimen, ensure that your results are precise and dependable, every time.

    This product is ideal for research labs, quality control departments, and any industry professional engaged in lubrication testing.

    Key Features:

    1. Precision Engineered: Manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring accurate testing results every time.
    2. Industry Standard Design: Perfectly suited for all four-ball wear and EP tests.
    3. Corrosion Resistance: Made with corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
    4. Easy to Clean: Smooth surface finish ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
  2. Technical Information
    • Material: High-quality Stainless Steel
    • Diameter: Standardized for industry compatibility
    • Surface Finish: Precision polished to ensure low friction and wear during testing
    • Consistency: Each specimen undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure uniformity
    • Durability: Designed for repeated use, ensuring long-lasting performance
  3. Standards & Methods
    • IP 239
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