HT2000H Headspace Autosampler

Headspace autosampler for equilibrium vapor samples

  1. General Details

    HT2000H Headspace Autosampler is designed for automatic injection of equilibrium vapor samples (Headspace autosampler) into chromatographs of “Crystallux” series. This way, volatile components from matrices, the ones that shouldn’t be injected, or can not be injected into the chromatograph, are injected into chromatograph. Examples of such matrices are drinking and waste water, soil, biological fluids, food products and drinks, various polymers, building materials, pharmaceutical products, etc. Autosampler realizes static injection method of equilibrium vapor from above the analyzed liquid (solid sample) in thermostated vial. During work with chromatograph of “Crystallux” series sampler control is realized directly from chromatograph software without running additional programs.


  2. Technical Info
    • Number of analyzed samples — from 1 tо 42 (tray for 42 samples).
    • Data exchange with PC — by standard interface LAN.
    • Data exchange with chromatograph — by specific interface (TTL-logic).
    • Vial volume for analyzed sample — 20 or 10 ml.
    • Thermostat temperature for sample heating — from 40 to 170 °C.
    • Number of positions for sample heating in thermostat — 6.
    • Sample maintenance time in thermostat — from 0 to 999 min.
    • Automatic transfer of vials with the sample to thermostat.
    • Method of sample shaking — orbital.
    • Speed of shaking — 320—720 rpm.
    • Shaking cycle (on/off) — from 0 to 10 min.
    • Volume of injected sample — from 0,01 to 5,0 ml (syringes 2,5 , 5,0 and 1,0 ml), discreteness of sample injection — 0,01 ml.
    • Possibility to clean the syringe by nitrogen purging.
    • Speed of sampling and injection — from 0,5 tо 100 ml/min.
    • Number of syringe flushes — up to 15.
    • Standby time before and after injection — from 0 to 99 s.
    • Number of injections of one sample — up to 15.
    • Standby time between injections — from 0 to 100 min.
    • Syringe temperature (it is set independently) — from 40 to 150 °C.
    • Retention to obtain equilibrium — from 0 to 10 min.
    • Possibility to inject the sample gradually into two evaporators.
    • Setting any order of sample injection from vials on the tray.
    • Possibility of manual setting of the sampler for specific chromatograph by step-by-step programming from control panel, recording this setting parameters in memory, and also the depth of immersion of syringe needle into the vial.
    • Possibility of manual injection of the sample without dismantling of the sampler from the chromatograph.
    • Possibility to work with any gas chromatograph, including “Crystall”, “Crystallux” series, etc.
    • Electric power from single-phase network AC power with voltage from 198 to 242 V, frequency (50±1) Hz, power consumption – no more than 150 VA.
    • Overall dimensions (widthxdepthxheight) – no more than 330x320x640 mm.
    • Mass – no more than 10 kg.
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