HT3100A Autosampler

Gaz Kromotografi Sistemleri için sıvı numune otomatik örnekleme ünitesi

  1. General Details

    The HT3100A Autosampler has been developed for automatic injection of liquid samples into Crystallux Series Chromatography Systems. The device is compatible with different chromatograph models and is suitable for working with all systems. The sampler can be controlled via Crystallux GC software and does not require additional software.

    With this system, it can automatically analyze up to 15 liquid samples and inject one sample into two evaporators sequentially. Data is synchronized with a computer via a standard LAN interface and with a chromatograph via a TTL logic interface. The user can program injection of test samples and flushing of the syringe (up to 15 flushes per sample). The HT3100A can also be configured for manual use by the user. All setting parameters can be saved to memory via the control panel and can be used again at any time.

  2. Technical Info
    • 2.0 ml sample amount
    • Sampling possibility between 0.02 – 99 μl
    • Automatic bubble elimination system
    • Adjustable injection waiting time between 0 sec and 99 sec
    • Sampling rate from 1 to 100 μl/s
    • Delay time depending on viscosity between 0 – 15 seconds
    • 198 – 242 V, 50 ± 1 Hz power requirement
    • 160 VA power usage
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 280 × 320 × 570 mm
    • Weight: 6.4 kg.
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