HT3100A Autosampler

Automated sample introduction of liquid samples into chromatographs

  1. General Details

    The autosampler is used to automate the process of introducing samples of liquid consistency into chromatographs of the Crystallux, Crystal series , the Color series, and LHM. The autosampler is compact in size and easy to operate. The device is compatible with different models of chromatographs and is suitable for many studies. When the device is working with chromatographs of the Crystallux series, the autosampler can be controlled using the chromatographic equipment software, and additional programs are not required to be launched.

    Autosampler NT3100A Functions:

    When installing an autosampler, you can simultaneously analyze up to 15 liquid samples in an automated mode and inject one sample into two evaporators in sequential order. Data is exchanged with a PC via a standard LAN interface, and with a chromatograph, via a TTL logic interface. The user can set the program for the injection of test samples and rinsing the syringe (the ability to rinse the sample or special solvents – up to 15 rinses per entry). You can also enter samples with an internal standard, and then separate them with air bubbles. The autosampler can be configured by the user in manual mode, for a specific chromatograph model. Training is carried out step by step, from the control panel, tuning parameters are recorded in memory. The user can enter the sample manually, without reinstalling the dispenser from the chromatograph.

    The NT3100AM autosampler model is available, which can introduce up to 20 liquid samples into the chromatograph. The remaining parameters correspond to the NT3100A autosampler.


  2. Technical Info
    • The vial volume for the analyzed sample is 2.0 ml.
    • The volume of the injected sample is from 0.02 to 99 μl (syringes 0.5; 1; 5; 10; 25; 50 and 100 μl).
    • Removal of air bubbles from the syringe – up to 15 pumping.
    • The waiting time before and after injection is from 0 to 99 s.
    • The sampling and injection rate is from 1 to 100 μl / s.
    • The delay in viscosity when entering the sample is from 0 to 15 s.
    • Power supply: single-phase AC network (voltage – from 198 to 242 V, frequency – 50 ± 1 Hz.).
    • The value of power consumption is not more than 160 VA.
    • Dimensions – 280 × 320 × 570 mm. (width × depth × height).
    • Weight – 6.4 kg.
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