IQT Cetane Number Determination System

Setan Sayısı ve Ateşleme Kalitesi Ölçüm Sistemi

  1. General Details

    Developed for the cetane number determination of a wide variety of middle distillate fuels, including diesel fuels, biodiesel fuels, specialty fuels, nitrate-based fuels and oxygenate-based cetane improving additives, the IQT Cetane Number Determination System provides real-time analysis results in ignition delay and total cetane number formats. allows it to be displayed as . The tests are performed completely automatically and the test time is under 20 minutes, including sample and system preparation. Test results and statistical analyzes are automatically reported at the end of each test.

    • Cetane number determination system in accordance with ASTM D6890 and EN 15195 (IP 498) standards
    • It is approved to ASTM D975 (diesel), ASTM 6751 (biodiesel) and EN 590 (diesel)
    • It precisely determines the ignition quality of diesel and alternative fuels (pure heptane solvent is used for calibration).
    • Sensitivity to cetane improvers and fuel quality changes
    • Improved repeatability on DCN scale
    • Automatic test procedure and silent operation
    • Automatic washing/cleaning and calibration capability with optional automatic laboratory model (TALM) kits
    • Short test time (average 20 min.)
    • Low sample consumption (less than 100 mL, less than 17 mL for research measurements)
    • High level reliability, robust construction, low operating and maintenance costs
    • Quick feedback
  2. Standards
    • ASTM D975
    • ASTM D6751
    • ASTM D6890
    • EN 15195
    • EN 590
    • IP 498
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