JVLG Liquefied Gas Dispenser Valve

Sampler for analysis of volatile organic compounds present in atmosphere air, working area air, industrial exhaust.

  1. General Details

    JVLG Dispenser valve for liquefied gas  is designed for input of liquefied gas or other liquid under excess pressure into chromatograph evaporator. DVLG is represented by 4 step valve in which a dose of certain amount is installed. The valve is installed onto chromatograph evaporator. Dose of any volume can be installed on the valve. The change of dose can be fulfilled by operator. Dose volume amount is indicated on the label.

    The valve is supplied with a fitting that has a filter at the inlet for connection to the sampler (PGO type), with a throttle for liquid flow control, with a tube for connection of gas scheme. DVLG can be automated by customer’s request.


  2. Technical Info
    • Dose volume — from 0,25 to 4,0 mcl (dose volume can be increased up to 10 mcl on customer’s request).
    • Valve temperature — no more than 150 °C.
    • Valve line pressure — no more than 0,48 МPа.
    • Rotation angle of valve handle — 90 °C.
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