MD 132 Process Gas Chromatography

Doğalgaz (LNG) akış hatlarında C6+ içerikli bileşenlerin izlenmesi

  1. General Details

    MD312 On-line Gas Chromatography System, developed for cryogenic, refrigeration and Natural Gas (LNG) applications, provides continuous and stable monitoring of C6+ containing components in flow lines.


    • Analysis start, end and calibration cycle
    • Instant analysis data, historical analysis data, calibration reporting and saving
    • Changeable analytical settings
    • Load and view multiple chromatograms for comparison
    • Upload, download and view archived data
    • Independent automatic stream switching setup

    Usage Areas

    Different flow lines with dynamic ranges from percentage rates to ppm levels can be measured with a single system.

    • Gas Processing Process: Power Plant Feeding, Distribution, Sour Gas Pipeline Blending
    • Amine Units: H2S for sulfur balance / acid gas
    • LNG Fraction: De-etanizer, De-propanizer and De-butanizer
    • C6 + Condensates
    • Condensed C6+ components
    • Waste gas analysis
    • Biogas and storage units
    • SAGD


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