MD TFS2 Hydrocarbon Analyzer

This system is an optical analytical device using a TFS (tunable fiter spectroscopy) infrared sensor.

  1. General Details

    It offers a multi-component gas analysis at high speeds. In addition to measuring methane, ethane, propane, iso-butane, iso-pentane and n-butane, n-pentane and n-hexane compositions, it also measures CO2 and H2S at the percentage level. The spectrometer uses tunable Fabry-Perot hardware that provides wavelength scanning combined with advanced spectral processing that provides feedback in as little as 1 to 10 seconds. Optional additional measurements can also be made for different applications such as ethylene, propylene and butene analysis. Sampling is carried out through a flowthrough cell that provides instant and continuous imaging. It does not require any carrier gas, fuel gas or calibration gas for analyses. The standard system configuration displays measurements up to 100% methane, 25% ethane, 25% propane, 10% butanes and 5% pentanes, 100% H2S and 100% CO2. Diatomic compounds such as nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen cannot be measured directly; these compounds may be reported as a group of unmeasured inert gases.


    • Depending on the desired application and accuracy, feedback time varies between 1 and 10 seconds on average.
    • There is no carrier gas requirement.
    • “First principle” measurement
    • BTU, Wobbe Index and density analysis
    • Linear feedback within the measuring range.
    • Sample cell pressure and temperature do not affect the results.
    • Remote control and uninterrupted operation
    • Additional parameter option
    • Data log records
    • Line switching feature (“Stream Switch”)
    • Fast feedback (1-10s)
    • Multi-component hydrocarbon gas analysis and percentage level H2S and CO2 results
    • Wide range analysis selection
    • BTU and Wobbe Index
    • Requires limited maintenance procedure.
    • Low cost of use
    • Full configuration with advanced software

    Applications Area

    • Natural gas measurements (processing, storage, transportation and distribution)
    • BTU & Wobbe Index Analysis
    • Power Plants (turbines, internal combustion engines, fuel cells)
    • LG/LPG/BOG
    • Acid Gas
    • Power Plant Gas Supply Lines
    • Truck/Ship/Rail vehicles Unloading Terminals
    • Imaging of Fuel Gases
    • Pipelines inspection
    • Flare Gas Imaging


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