MiniLab 23 On-Site Analyzer

Combination of oil chemistry and viscosity analyzers for oil condition monitoring in industrial zones

  1. General Details

    Oil analysis provides early indications of equipment wear and identifies the root causes of corrosion.  On-site oil analysis eliminates the wait associated with sending samples off-site and enables immediate decision making.

    With two simple tests, the MiniLab 23 delivers on-site oil analysis, providing immediate actionable results, saving time and reducing costs.

    Highlights of this system include:

    • One product, delivering lab-quality analysis outside of the lab
    • Simplified workflow for the non-expert user, no chemist required
    • Simplified operation, data reporting and report interpretation via the TruVu 360 Diagnostic Sets with recommended actions.


  2. Standards
    • ASTM D7889
    • ASTM D8092
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