Oil Relative Humidity Sensor

This viscosity sensor is a sensor that measures the viscosity from a vibrator in oil.

  1. General Details

    Ferro-Mon Sensor monitors in real time saturation (%) of ferrous wear particles in the lube oil. Since it is very important to find and take action against abnormal wear of the reduction gearbox, bearing and other rotating machinery, user can monitor in real time wear condition to prevent fatal failures and to extend the life of the facility by installing this sensor.

    Ferro-Mon Sensor causes change in magnetic flux, related regulation – “ASTM D8120 Standard Test Method for Ferrous Debris Quantification”, when magnetic particles (eg, Fe, Ni, etc.) are collected in the sensor probe, and change in magnetic flux increases in proportion to the amount of magnetic material captured by the sensor probe. This sensor outputs in real time the amount of magnetic material as “Fe saturation” and detects and evaluates the abnormal wear condition of the rotating machine.
    Failure detection by analysis of ferrous particle saturation of lube oil can be done 15 times earlier than vibration diagnosis technology. Since it is difficult to quickly detect failures of gearbox by vibration diagnosis, ferrous particle saturation analysis is being used as an optimal diagnostic technology, thus Ferro-Mon Sensor can be the best predictive diagnostic tool.

    Key Features
    ▪ Real-time monitoring sensor of ferrous particles amount (Fe saturation %): 0 ~ 100%
    ▪ User can select standard 1-channel sensor (particles) or 2-channel sensor (fine particles and large particles)
    – Large particles : Abnormal wear condition
    – Fine particles : Normal wear condition
    ▪ Visual alarm signal and value are displayed on the control box
    – Full scale and zero setting depending on application can be done on site and in the PC software.
    ▪ Communication with PC or PLC is possible
    ▪ Wireless communication with LoRa communication is available as optional.

  2. Technical Info
    Measured valueWater saturation (%) and temperature (℃)
    Water value resolution0.1 %
    Water saturation display range0 ~ 100 %
    Operating temperature-20 ℃ ~ 80℃
    Size(mm)Ø 39 * L 102
    Digital outputRS485
    Analog output4~20mA
    Power supplyDC12V~28V24V
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