OL560 Evaporation Bath

Gum Content in Fuels by Jet Evaporation.

  1. General Details

    This test method covers the determination of the existent gum content of aviation fuels, and the gum content of motor gasolines or other volatile distillates in their finished form (including those containing alcohol and ether type oxygenates and deposit control additives) at the time of test.

    Evaporation Bath – Air and Steam Jet, manual instrument composed by:

    • Bench top instrument with metallic case structure painted with anti-acid products.
    • Control panel with: main switch, digital thermoregulatory for bath block temperature reading by means PT100 A class with 0,1°C resolution and precision, heater and super-heater switches, and air/steam mode selector.
    • 2 dedicated inlet lines, 1 for air and 1 for steam both equipped with a manual valve.
    • Aluminum block with 8 test positions with high speed heating elements and built-in super-heater for steam .
    • 8 jets (one for each test place) fitted with its conical adapters with 500~600 micron screens.
    • Fast heating: 240 °C are reached in approximately 8 minutes.
    • Total air flow displayed by a large visibility flow meter with metal housing with range from 2 to 20 mm³/h.
    • Safety thermostat for bath temperature and Klixon thermostat.
  2. Standards
    • ASTM D381
    • DIN 51784
    • IP 131
    • IP 540
    • ISO 6246
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