PAG-1 Pure Air Generator

Hydrogen generators for supply of flame chromatographic detectors.

  1. General Details

    Generator is designed to supply flame-ionization detectors of chromatographs and gas analyzers with pure air. Due to built-in system of catalytic air purification from hydrocarbons generators allow to increase greatly precision and sensitivity of chromatographic analyses. System of regeneration of built-in air drying filter relieves the operator from maintenance works.

    Pneumatic part of generators consists of serially connected air compressor, drying filter, receiver, reactor, pressure regulator. Electronic part consists of power unit, control board, indication card, pressure sensors connected with each other by microcontroller. Pressure sensor, connected with receiver, detects moments of compressor switching on/off to develop required excess pressure in the receiver. At the increase of air consumption over nominal generator productivity (partial depressurization) indicator “ALARM” lights up and short beeps begin at the same time.

    Drying is done by the filter which is automatically regenerated during the work of unit. Catalytic purification of air is done in reactor. Pressure regulator ensures stabilization of outlet pressure, its value is measured by electronic sensor and is displayed on digital board “PRESSURE”. Indicator “ALARM” turns on in case of outlet pressure stability failure (downturn of pressure lower than in technical passport), long beeps begin at the same time and compressor stops working. Such situation arises if depressurization of the system takes place: air generator-connection line-gas chromatograph.

    Electric power of air generators is from single-phase network AC power with voltage from 187 to 242 V, frequency (50±1) Hz, work mode – continuous.

  2. Technical Info
    Name of characteristicsValue
    Productivity by air, brought to normal conditions, l/min, no less1,2
    Outlet air pressure, atm3,5
    Outlet pressure stability, no more, atm0,05
    Outlet concentration of hydrocarbons, ppm, no more0,1
    Water vapor concentration at 200С and 100кPа, ppm, no more 1010
    Power consumption, no more, VА200
    Overall dimensions (width×depth×height), no more, cm21×44×36
    Mass of generator, no more, kg11
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