PD 4929S Distillation System For Naphta Cut

Automatic distillation apparatus for the sample preparation according to ASTM D4929.

  1. General Details

    This standard test method for the Determination of Organic Chloride Content in Crude Oil requires a crude oil distillation up to 204°C with a glass apparatus to achieve the naphtha cut for the chloride content analysis. Prior art is the sample preparation done by a complete manual distillation which time consuming and requires full attention to achieve a correct and precise cut point.  The new PD4929S performs this distillation in an automatic and precise computer controlled process with an apparatus strictly according to the ASTM D4929 standard method. A unique cooling system for the distillate receivers allows and easy, safe and quick receiver interchange and the direct storage of the sample in standardized GL45-bottles.

    Beside the standard application for the 204°C naphtha cut the system contains an additional receiver with free programmable cut point. This allows integrating additional tests in the same procedure, like the common test method at individual temperatures for mercury content to prevent catalyst poisoning in refineries.

    The repeatability and reproducibility of this instrument is outstanding due to the computer controlled process, a calibrated high-precision temperature sensor and an automatic barometric boiling point correction with integrated pressure sensor.

  2. Standards & Methods
    • ASTM D4929
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