Sindie On-Line Sulfur Analyzer

Effective Online Sulfur Analysis in Petroleum Process Streams

  1. General Details

    Sindie Online is an industrial grade process sulfur analyzer with breakthrough detection capability to monitor ultra-low sulfur in petroleum or aqueous process streams. This process analyzer presents the ultimate solution for refineries and pipeline terminals where measurement speed and reliability are essential. Powerd by MWDXRF, Sindie Online uses ASTM D7039 technology and delivers real-time, continuous analysis of total sulfur from 0.5 ppmw up to 3000 ppmw. This process analyzer is ATEX and NEC certified for hazardous area locations.


    • Refinery: hydrotreating, hydrofiner, and blending processes.
    • Pipeline terminals: interface cuts, custody transfer acceptance, and tank contamination prevention.


    • Uses ASTM D7039 technology
    • LOD: 0.5 ppmw in hydrocarbon matrices @ 300 s
    • LOD: 1.5 ppmw in aqueous streams @ 300 s
    • Dynamic range: 0.5 ppmw – 3000 ppmw
    • Most application purposes, one calibration  curve over full dynamic range
    • Obust industrial design: wall mounted or stand alone


    • Continuous, real-time analysis
    • Rapid response to sample change
    • Easy to use with intuitive touch screen interface
    • Direct measurement in ppm wt
    • Low Maintenance: no consumable liquids, gasses,  combustion, or sample conversion
    • Not sensitive to sample temperature changes


  2. technical Info
    Analytical PlatformMWDXRF
    Dynamic RangeHydrocarbon: 0.5 ppmw – 3000 ppmw / Aqueous: 1.5 ppmw – 5000 ppmw
    Response Time300 s for precise measurement, 15 s for rapid update
    Calibration3-5 point linear calibration curve
    Data Communication2x 4-20 mA analog outputs, multiple discrete alarm outputs
    Digital CommunicationModbus TCP, Modbus RS-232, Modbus RS-485 (half or full duplex)
    Local HMITouch screen display
    Remote DiagnosticsOptional via TCP/IP or UDP
    Power110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 790 W max.
    Instrument Air – Purge and Valve40-115 psig, (276-793 kPa) 4 scfm max; -40 F (-40 C) dewppoint, oil free, N2 optional
    Ambient Temperature32-95 F (0-35 C) Standard; -4 to 113 F (-20 to 45 C) Optional – Consult Factory
    Dimensions62 in (h) x 34 in (w) x 18 in (d) / 158 cm (h) x 86 cm (w) x 46 cm (d)
    Weight280 lb (127 kg)
    CertificationsATEX Zone 1 Ex db ia [ia Ga] pxb IIC T4 Gb; CE, NEC Class I Div 2 Groups B,C,D T4A
  3. Standards
    • ASTM D7039
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