Sindie+Pb MWDXRF Sulfur & Lead Content Analyzer

Sindie+Pb delivers MWDXRF precision and accuracy for sulfur and lead detection in single run

  1. General Details

    As aviation industry requirements become more stringent, lead detection is critical in such products as aviation gasoline and jet fuel. Sindie® +Pb delivers unprecedented precision and accuracy for sulfur and lead detection. Sindie+Pb is applicable for many Applications such as total sulfur and lead analysis from ultra low sulfur diesel to aviation gasoline and also it can be used in refinery labs, pipeline terminals, additive plants, testing vans and inspection laboratories. The Monochromatic Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (MWDXRF®) utilizes state-of-the-art focusing and monochromatic optics to increase excitation intensity and dramatically improve signal-to-background over high power traditional WDXRF instruments. This enables significantly improved detection limits and precision and a reduced sensitivity to matrix effects.

  2. Technical Info
    • Calibration curves: 8 calibration curves. Automatic and Manual Calibration functionality
    • Catalysts: No
    • Communication Capabilities: Printer, USB & Ethernet: LIMS Connectivity (optional)
    • Consumable/Utility Gas: none
    • Element: Sulfur: 0.7 ppm to 5000 ppm, Lead: 0.002 g/L to 10.000 g/L
    • Measurement Time: User selectable 30-900s
    • Options: LIMS Connectivity
    • Sample Cup Type: Standard XRF Sample Cups
    • Sample Matrix: Hydrocarbons
    • Specific Technology: MWDXRF
    • Type: Benchtop
    • Weight: 8 lbs / 12.7 kg
  3. Standards
    • ASTM D7039
    • ISO 20884
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