LM-6/H Solvent Recycling System

Efficient solvent recycling system with custom reflux ratios.

  1. General Details

    LM-6/H is an efficient solvent recycling system with custom reflux ratios. Objections to solvent recycling are usually based on concerns about the adequacy of the recovered product and the expected effort required to complete the distillation. First concern has been addressed above and we see that, for most clinical applications, very pure materials can be recovered. The work involved in completing a distillation was considerable until the introduction in recent years of automated equipment.

    The introduction of an automated distillation unit is one of the more effective means of improving efficiency. In fact, separations are sometimes so complete that it is often possible to recover solvents whose purity exceeds that of the original, newly-purchased material.

    LM-6/H Solvent Recycling System has a capacity of 6 litres of solvent mixture with a throughput of up to 1 l / hr (e.g. when recovering Xylene). A microcomputer controller holds up to 100 programs. Contrroller also monitors the distillation process for normal and safe operation. Variable reflux ratios and equilibrium times are possible to be programmed. The operator has maximum flexibility to design a program for optimal efficiency.

    Other capacities are available upon request.

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