Spectr Deionizer Water Purification System

Deionized water system of high purity with specific conductivity.

  1. General Details

    Water for hydrogen generators, for preparation of chromatographic samples, electrophoresis, liquid chromatography of high-efficiency and also for analyzers, that require usage of water of high purity. Bidistillate or distilled water is used as initial water. Service life of deionization filters depends on the quality of initial water. Distilled water is poured into the tank of deionizer, that is equipped with max and min level sensor, and it helps to avoid spillover during filling of the tank, and also excludes dehydration of the resign, located in filters during discharge of water from the system. Initial water is pumped over through deionization filters. Water quality is controlled by in-built conductivity meter and is hown on display of the front panel. There is possibility of looping of water flow in deionizer “Spectrum”, at that extraction of water is done by operator when the water is of the necessary quality. It is possible to add water during operation process if the needed volume exceeds tank volume.


  2. Technical Info
    Name of characteristicsValue
    Volume of water poured into the tank1,6 liters
    Specific conductivity of the resulting water0.06 – 0.1 mcCm/cm
    Production capacity of waterNo less than 6 liters/hour
    Service life of filters700 liters
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