Spectr Osmos Water Purification System

Hydrogen generators for supply of flame chromatographic detectors.

  1. General Details

    Water treatment system (System) is used for preparation of water, needed for hydrogen generators,  for preparation of solutions, chromatographic samples, capillary electrophoresis, high efficiency liquid chromatography (HELC) and other analyzers, that require usage of water of high purity. System is connected directly to urban water supply line and allows to obtain deionized water of high purity with specific electrical conductivity of 0,06 – 0,1 mcCm/cm. Multistage water purification is used in the device.

    • Mechanical filter provides water purification from dirt, weighted particles, insoluble impurities, slime, sand, colloidal compounds, rust, massive (up to 10 micron) inclusions, foreign water-insoluble objects. Service life of mechanical filter is 6000 liters;
    • Carbon filter (two stages) provide absorption of chlorine dissolved in water, other gases, organic compounds, heavy metal salts. Service life of carbon filter is 6000 liters (every stage);
    • Membrane of reverse osmosis represents specific membrane where molecules of water, oxygen, alcohols and derivatives of methane, traces of organic pass through the holes (10E-10m), while basic salts of light metals, bacteria, viruses, metabolic products of bacteria and viruses, mold spores are retained by the membrane – selectivity 96%. Service life of membrane is 3500 liters;
    • Set of ion exchange filters – stops salts of light metals missed by membrane, reduces water conductivity to 0,06 – 0,1 mcCm/cm. Purification efficiency is 99%.

    All stages of the System are removable and can be easily replaced by new ones. Specific electrical conductivity of water on the output of the System is controlled by in-built conductivity meter. Extraction of water can be done before parameters of electrical conductivity reach the value of 0,06 – 0,1 mcCm/cm, it can be done prematurely if given purity indexes will be sufficient for the User.


  2. Technical Info
    Name of characteristicValue
    System productivity at the output, in liters, no less than6
    Specific electrical conductivity of water, mcCm/cm no more than0.06 – 0.1
    Power supply – single-phase AC network220В, 50/60 Hz
    Maximum power consumption, kW, kW0,1
    Overall dimensions (W х D х H), cm20х56х44
    Mass, no more than, kgг20
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