Total Water Content Sensor

This oil condition sensor measures permittivity in the oil to check oil conditions such as oil life.

  1. General Details

    EZ-WaterCheck is a portable measuring device that measures water from electrodes in oil. Water and particle contaminations are a major cause of critical effects in oil. When contaminated with water, oil life (base oil damage, loss of additives, etc.) accelerates corrosion of equipment, and the lubricating film is depleted, causing metal-to-metal contact. Metal-to-metal contact causes abnormal wear within the equipment, resulting in equipment failure. Water in the oil exists in three forms (free, emulsified, and dissolved). If water inflow or is caused by condensation, you must quickly measure and find a solution to protect.

    Key Features
    • Available of measuring water content in lubricants / hydraulic oil without reagents
    • Built-in battery and handy type immediately measure sample oil regardless of any sites.

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