Vodoley Water Purification System

High purity deionized water system

  1. General Details

    This device is designed for obtaining deionized water of high purity in the laboratory and is mainly used for feeding of hydrogen generators. Specific resistance of the obtained water at the output of device is 14 Mohm (for comparison – specific resistance of distilled water is 0,15-0,2 MOhm, specific resistance of bidistilled water is 0,6-0,8 MOhm, specific resistance of theoretically “absolutely pure water” is 18 MOhm). Distilled water is used to fill the device.

    Purification of water in the device is done by letting the water pass through composition of deionized resin and sorbents. Resins and sorbents are located in filter elements, placed into the removable cartridge. Distilled water that needs to be purified is poured into the feeding tank, filler neck of the tank is located on the upper surface of the device and is hermetically closed by screw cap.

    Excess pressure is created in the filling tank during the work of device with the help of microprocessor, under its influence purified water is pushed through filter elements and goes to the output of device.


  2. Technical Info
    Name of characteristicsValue
    Specific conductivity of obtained water, no more than, mcSхcm0,2
    Productivity, no less than, l/hour6
    Operating time of removable cartridge (overall volume of purified water), no less than, l700
    Volume of distilled water poured into the tank, l.1
    Power input, no more than, VА20
    Overall dimensions (width×depth×height), mm180×450×380
    Mass of the filled device, no more than, kg8
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