Minivap VPXpert Vapor Pressure Analyzer

Analyzer of the vapor pressure of gasoline, gasoline oxygenate blends and crude oil for all vapor pressure standards

  1. General Details

    The 3rd generation vapor pressure tester for the automatic determination of the vapor pressure of gasoline, gasoline oxygenate blends and crude oil for all vapor pressure standards. Incorporating the Grabner triple expansion method and the US EPA reference method for the determination of vapor pressure, the instrument is designed for significantly improved precision, reliability and performance. Made by experts for expert testing, the ergonomically designed analyzer offers unmatched versatility: The instrument incorporates features for V/L ratio determination (ASTM D5188), for crude oil (ASTM D6377) and R&D applications and volatility studies over an unprecedented temperature range (0-120°C). The innovative Sampling Pro™ technology minimizes the risk of cross contamination between different sample types.

  2. Technical Info
    Temperature Range: 0 to 120°C (user programmable)
    Temperature Stability: ± 0.01°C
    Temperature Profiles: Single temperature, stepped or ramped
    Pressure Range: 0 to 1000 kPa (0 to 145 psi)
    Pressure Resolution: 0.1 kPa
    Pressure Tolerance: 0.1 kPa
    Vapor-Liquid Ratio: 0.02/1 to 100/1, adjustable per selected method
    Power Requirements: 90-264 V AC, 45-63Hz, 200W (Switching Power Supply)
    Field Application: DC/AC Power Converter 12V / 200W
    W x H x D: 253 x 368 x 277 mm (10 x 14.5 x 10.9 in)
    Weight: kg (20 lb)
  3. Standards
    • ASTM D5191 (Dry Vapor Pressure Equivalent)
    • ASTM D6378 – Vapor Pressure of Gasoline (VP4)
    • ASTM D6377 – Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil
    • ASTM D6897 – Vapor Pressure of LPG up to 1000 kPa
    • ASTM D5188 – (V/L-Ratio)
    • EN 13016 – 1 (Air Saturated Vapor Pressure)
    • EN 13016 – 2 (Absolute Vapor Pressure)
    • IP 394 & 409 & 481
    • JIS K2258-2, SHT 0769, GOST 52340
    • US EPA approved Grabner test method for highest accuracy


    • ASTM specified correlation to D323 (Wet Reid)
    • ASTM specified correlation to D4953 (Dry Reid)
    • ASTM D5482 (Mini-Method, atmospheric)
    • ASTM D1267 (LPG)
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