Most convenient price/performance solution in the market for elemental analysis

  1. General Details

    Bringing out the Power of Laboratory Spectrometer

    A small compact analyzer that can easily be transported to the job site. When the task calls for fast, real time, high quality results, the X-PLORE spectrometers are the perfect answer for the job.

    This powerful 50kV, 50 Watt portable X-ray analyzer is capable of rendering sensitive and precise analysis, similar to laboratory class analyzers.


    Silicon Drift Detector(SDD):

    Optional Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) features higher-count rate and resolution, for a better analysis (down to 125eV) and a faster response, to minimize operational down time.

    SDD LE- Optional Ultra-thin detector window provides superior performance enables low Z elements (Light Element) analysis.


    PD (Pin Diode) Detector:

    Basic and reliable electrically cooled detector can achieve ≥ 150eV resolution.

    • Non-destructive Elemental analysis Na (11) – U (92), from sub-ppm to 100% concentrations
    • 50W tube power combined with Portable robust design, providing onsite lab quality for complex field applications and excellent performance.
    • Improved detection limits along the entire spectrum.
    • Ease of operation is facilitated by the proprietary.
    • nEXt™ analytical package.
    • Go / no go operational mode with Easy nEXt.
    • Optional: Silicon Drift Detector SDD higher-count rate and resolution for improved analysis.


    Key Applications:

    Alloys; Environmental; Oil, Fuels & Liquids; Mining & Geological; Forensics;
    Authentication & Precious Metals; Pharmaceutical & Biomedical.

  2. Technical Info
    • Non-destructive elemental analysis C(6)-Fm(100) from PPM to 100% concentrations.
    • Six customizable filters for fast and accurate determination of trace and minor elements.
    • Down to 125eV resolution.
    • Robust design, compact geometry.
    • Sample tray with 8/16 positions.
    • Easy to operate thanks to the proprietary nEXt™ software package.
  3. Standards

    Mining & Geochemistry

    • Iron, uranium
    • Coal, diamonds, limestone
    • Oil shale, rock salt and potash
    • Precious metals – gold (Au), silver (Ag),
    • platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd)
    • Rare earth elements
    • Cassiterite, cadmium and antimony, Cd, Sb
    • Light elements, such as C, N, f, Na, Mg, Al, Si, P,
    • S and Cl

    Metals & Alloys

    • Alloy Analysis
    • Precious Metals
    • Ores, Slags, Feeds, Concentrates, and Tailings
    • Silicon Metal
    • Metal Foil Thickness


    • ASTM D7212, D7220, D7039, D7751, D5453 and ISO
    • 8754, 13032, 20846, 20884, 13032, 20847, IP531
    • ASTM D4294 (sulfur analysis)
    • Monitoring of Mo, Ba, Mn
    • ASTM D6481 (unused lubricating oils): Ca, P, Zn, S
    • Monitoring of wear metals: Sb, Sn, Mo, Ti, Ni, Cd,
    • Fe, V, Pb, Cr, Cu
    • Analysis of P, S, Ca & Zn in Lube Oil

    Used Oil

    • ASTM 6481 – Additives in New Lube Oils
    • ASTM 7751 – Additives and contaminants in new and used oils
    • IP 501 – EDXRF equivalence performance


    • Titanium and Zinc in Sunscreen
    • Iron, Titanium, and Zinc in Base Makeup
    • Metal Dyes in Cosmetics
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