1120CC Coolant Distillation System

Coolant and brake fluids distillation system

Ash Determination

Ash from Petroleum Products.

Atmospheric Distillation System

Distillation of Petroleum Products at Atmospheric Pressure.

Clora 2XP Total Chlorine Analysis in Liquid Hydrocarbons

It delivers twice the precision and offers exceptional analysis for the determination of chlorine in liquid hydrocarbon samples such as aromatics, distillates and heavy fuels, and aqueous solutions.

Clora Online Chlorine Analyzer

Online Chlorine Analysis in Liquid Hydrocarbon Process Streams

Clora Total Chlorine Analysis in Liquid Hydrocarbons

Clora benchtops are compliant with ASTM D7536 and D4929 standards, and deliver a limit of detection of 0.13 ppm and a dynamic range up to 3000 ppm. Clora is powered by MWDXRF, the same technology found in our signature sulfur analyzer, Sindie.

Copper Corrosion by LPG

Copper Strip Corrosion by Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gases.

CPF Catalytic Purification Filter

Deionizer “Spectr” allows to get deionized water of high purity with specific conductivity.