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Chlorine Analyzer For Intertek

We’ve successfully completed installation and trainings of Clora Total Chlorine Analyzer to Intertek Laboratory. Chlorine can cause corrosion in the Crude Unit by forming hydrochloric acid. Chlorine can react with amine-based treatments to form ammonium chloride, which can deposit in overhead systems. Heat transfer can be impacted, and under-deposit corrosion can result. There is More […]


Chlorine Analyzer Installation For Petroleum Fractions

We’ve successfully completed installation and user trainings of Clora Chlorine Analyzer for total chlorine level detection in petroleum fractions down to 0.07 ppm according to ASTM D4929 and ASTM D7536 standard test methods. Clora Analyzers are powered with monochromatic wavelength dispersion x-ray fluorescence (MWDXRF) technology which does not require gasses or high temperature process. With […]