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Microlab 40 All-In-One Oil Analyzer Installation

MicroLab 40 All-in-One Lubricant Analysis System is installed and set to go for in-service oil analysis to check lubricant quality and potential equipment failure for predictive and preventive maintenance operations. MicroLab 40 provides Elemental Analysis (Wear metals, additive levels), Contamination Detection (particle count, soot, glycol, dirt, water), Oil Chemistry (total Base Number, oxidation, nitration) and […]


Pasol Oxidation Stability Analyzer Installation

We’ve completed installation and trainings of Pasol-10 Oxidation Stability Analyzer for ASTM D2272 oxidation tests and Vapol Universal Evaporator for Karl Fischer titration analysis. From oxygen purge to the end of the analysis, fully automated Pasol-10 Device, offers unattended operation of ASTM D2272 and D4742 oxidation analysis for fresh and in-service oil samples as well […]