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In-Service Oil Analysis Seminar

We’d like to thank to all participants for joining our “In-service Oil Analysis Technologies and Benefits” seminar held in our HQ.

Spectroil M Elemental Analyzer Installation

SpectrOil-M (RDE-OES), is successfully set and ready to go for rapid and reliable elemental analysis of in service oils to keep high value assets ready to go at anytime

Chlorine Analzer For Petroleum Products

Clora Chlorine Analyzer is successfully installed and set to go for chlorine detection in petroleum products from 0.13 ppm to 4% according to ASTM D7536 and D4929. Powered by monochromatic wavelength dispersive xrf (MWDXRF) technology, measurements with Clora does not require gasses or high temperature processes equating to easy operation and minimum maintenance requirements.

SpectrOil M Installation For Ground Forces

Another SpectrOil M, the only JOAP approved in service oilanalysis spectrometer, is successfully set and ready to provide immediate results for predictivemaintenance operations.

Predictive Maintenance Conference

We’d like to thank to all for sharing interest about the importance of on-site #oilanalysis for proactive and #predictivemaintenance operations.