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Conostan Cooperation Meeting

We’ve been visited by Miguel Garcia Lopez from Conostan – AnalytiChem which we are authorized to represent within our region. As being part of AnalytiChem Group, Conostan,  Conostan continues providing top-of-the-line standards to meet performance and reliability requirements. We’ve discussed the latest innovations and trained on the new products.  Our special thanks to Mr. Miguel for […]


Viscol-20AS Kinematic Viscometer Installation For Military

We’ve completed installation and trainings of Viscol-20AS Dual Bath Automatic Kinematic Viscometer for Turkish Marine Forces Laboratory. Viscol-20AS’s dual-bath design and autosamplers in each bath, unattended operation of limitless samples will be carried at two different temperatures according to ASTM D445, ISO 3104 and related standards. Viscol-20AS is a standalone unit that does not require […]


Viscol-10A Installation For Fuel and Oil Research Academy

Another Viscol-10A Installation is completed for fuel and oil development applications. Viscol-10A Fully Automated Kinematic Viscometer will serve our customer for precise and hassle-free viscosity measurements from in various types of petroleum products according to ASTTM D445, ISO 3104 and other related standards.


Automatic Viscometer For Transformer Oil Measurements

Our team has successfully finalized installation and trainings of Viscol-10A Kinematic Viscometer for transformer oil measurements according to ASTM D445, ISO3104 and IP71. Viscol-10A Fully Automated Kinematic Viscometer ensures highest accuracy for kinematic viscosity measurements and eliminates deviation between operators.