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Viscol-10A Kinematic Viscometer Installation For Lubricants

We’ve successfully completed the Viscol-10A Kinematic Viscometer installation for r&d and quality control applications of lubricants according to ASTM D445, ISO 3104 and other related standards. With this fully automized kinematic viscometer, sample amount, solvent usage, time loss and deviation between tests are minimized for our customer.  

Viscol-10A Viscometer Installation For Lubricant Manufacturer

We’ve completed the Viscol-10A Kinematic Viscometer installation for development and quality control application of lube oil manufacturer. With fully automized operational use of this system, the time loss and inaccurate results from analysis to analysis is eliminated. All tests comply to ASTM D445/D446, ISO 3104 and other related standards  

Spectroil Elemental Analyzer For Railways

Spectroil 100 Series Elemental Analyzer for Lube Oils is successfully installed and set to go for Railway’s predictive maintenance operations. Spectroil 100 Series RDE-OES Systems require no sample preparation and only require 2 ml of oil for the analysis. Only in 30 seconds of analysis time, sub-ppm level detection of up to 31 elements are […]

Automatic Kinematic Viscometer Installation

Full Automatic Kinematic Viscometer, Viscol-10A, is successfully set and ready to serve for on-site used oil and fuel viscosity analysis according to ASTM D445. By using the multi sample capable preheating unit the sample warm-up time is eliminated. Ready to use external chiller system is connected for rapid cooling from high to low analysis temperatures […]

In-Service Oil Analysis Seminar

We’d like to thank to all participants for joining our “In-service Oil Analysis Technologies and Benefits” seminar held in our HQ.

Viscol-10A Installation in India

Thanks to Mr. Arun for his first time installation of Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer with online support of our service team. Set to go in less than half a day, Viscol-10a will be serving for on-site oil viscosity analysis for predictive maintenance activities in indian industry.

Oil Analysis Systems Installation

With the remote support of our service team, Spectroil 100 (RDE-OES) Elemental Analyzer and Viscol-10 Kinematic Viscometer are installed and set to go for the rapid determination of wear metals, contaminants and kinematic of fresh and used oil samples.

Elemental Analyzer For Used Oil Applications

Spectroil 100, multi elemental analyzer, is installed and set to go for on-site oil analysis to provide immediate and unique insights into machinery health.